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About the Author

Some have expressed an interest in knowing more about me.  Briefly, I'm a physician working in the USA.  I have a BS in Zoology,  MS in Biology (ecological entomology), and an MD - all from major US universities.  I became a Fellow in my Academy in 2007.  Before entering medical school I taught biology mostly at the community college level in three states.  I currently am a partner in a group medical practice and also teach medical students in my office as an Affiliate Associate Professor of a major US medical school.


In the summer of my 17th year I accepted Jesus into my life and three years later married a wonderful woman and became a part of a large fundamentalist Baptist family.  Like many teens, I was searching for meaning and purpose in life at the time and felt Christianity held the important answers.  Those early years were filled with joy and love within the subculture of conservative evangelical Christianity.


I entered a large state university at age 17 and soon ran into the tension between Christian theology, it's historical narratives, and science. For five years or so I struggled to know what the truth was in regards to origins. What was being taught from the pulpit was so different from what the sciences were saying.  I joined several Young Earth Creationist organizations such as ICR, CRS and a local group of men with science degrees who were mostly literal Christians, but their narratives and interpretations of life never sounded convincing compared to what I was learning in my science courses.  I wrote scores of letters with questions to Gish, Morris, Austin and many authors of articles and books critical of evolution. I can't remember how many debates I attended in those early years.   Eventually, I found the arguments for creationism weak and the persons promoting YECism poorly prepared in studying the scientific literature.  Only decades later would I learn through that many of the early YEC writers had degrees through diploma mills and were misrepresenting science horribly.  The degree issue is much less now, especially with ID organizations like The Discovery Institute.  I felt betrayed by Christians who were cloaking themselves in the sciences,  but promoting fundamentalism and often being dishonest on multiple levels.  Although Old Earth Creationists, who are often evolutionary theists,  have more intellecutal integrity than many creationists, they still suffer in their attempts to harmonize scriptures with the findings of various fields of science (see Scripture Changes and Contradictions this website)


During the next ten years I entered graduate school  and taught biology but remained somewhat agnostic towards other interpretations that were contrary to evolution. Antievolutionists can sound VERY impressive with some of their arguments, and maybe they were right?  Then came twenty years of medical school, residency, and building a private practice.  But in the last few years, with the help of the Internet,  methods to investigate various claims are now immediately available and instead of years of searching, one can more quickly check out statements and claims.


Not only can one dig deep to check for quote mining, selective presentations, and taking topics out of context, but newer DNA findings brought macroevolution quickly into the evolution - creation controversy.  Several years ago I realized that the evidence for macroevolution had now reached a point that it was difficult to deny evolutionary theory unless there was something else holding a person from accepting the evidence.  Some truths can be known.


In the past few years I've met with many pastors and none of them were aware of newer fossil and DNA findings that make denial of evolution extremely difficult to defend.  They also did not understand what a scientific theory is and the difference between facts, proofs, evidence, evolution, and natural selection (see Terms, this website). That in part is the fault of science.  Christians such as Francis Collins are trying to get the word out, but are meeting much resistance (see Biologos page on this website).  However, there seems to be some very heated discussions now occurring within the Christian community and it also appears that resistence to macroevolution  by conservatives will eventually yield to the evidence.  In a way, 1633 is repeating itself as many conservatives in the church initially fight hard to hold onto their interpretations of origins.  I began this web site to present some of these newer scientific findings for anyone who wanted to learn about them.  If I have any success, it will be to take some key topics and make them not only understandable but also to reveal their importances in this great origin controversy.  Although my struggle has been with conservative Christianity, both Jewish and Islamic fundamentalism also applies to these issues since they all rest on some form of OT narration (see The New 3 Rs, this website).


My life has been shaped by science and faith/science conflicts.  I posses a strong appreciation of science (but not a worship of it; it is still performed by humans with all our limitations), and have a passion for history and the truth.  Stating that science and religion operate in different realms is just not true when it comes to seeking truths (sorry Gould, you were wrong).


"Science wants to know the mechanism of the universe, religion the meaning.  

The two cannot be separated". ~ Charles Townes,  physicist


Trying to fit evolutionary concepts into Abrahamic faith narratives or to merge this grand theory with the supernatural through evolutionary theism does an injustice to both; at their foundations all the major religions are ultimately incompatible with what science has revealed.


"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion,

however satisfying and reassuring".  ~ Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)



For an amazing story of why someone left his faith,

see the following YouTube presentation - click here.




Peace, understanding, and wisdom ~


Biomed  9/10