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World Views In Collision


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Made Easy Series (Origins of most everything and how we know)

Meaning of Life (Abstruse Goose; naturalistic)

Medicine and Evolution - Darwin Link,  Link

Meaning of Life, evolution (Dawkins)  Link

Military, US and Separation of Church and State

Miracles (Carter)

Morton, Glenn: his story

Morals Link

Morality, evolution of  Link,  Link

Morality, evolution of Deliver us from Evil  Link

Motivated Reasoning  & also more here

Movie Reviews

Multiverse  Link  Link

Mutations can be good, add information Link

Myth, Jesus Link


New 3 “Rs”, The

New Testament illogical Link

No Religious Test for Office (Jon Stewart)

Noachian Flood: Logic and evidence against

Noah's Ark (Nonstampcollector)

Noah's Flood, Impossibility of

Numbers 11: 31 (Quail)

Numbers 22:28 - 30. A donkey develops consciousness and begins talking


Old Testament  Yale Univ. series - Christine Hayes  Link


Only A Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America’s Soul (Miller)

Out of Body Experiences (God Helmet section)

Origin of Religion

Origins, if we as Christians can't get that right....   LINK


Parsonage exemption LINK

Pascal's Wager

Peanuts Cartoon

Placebo Effect

Pledge, American - Origin

PragerU Link (Carrier)

Prayer, ineffective (Part 1/4)  Link

Prayer, Nothing fails like -  Link,  Link


Pseudogenes (Biologos series)


Quail - the math's all wrong

Quran and science Link


Radiometric Dating (Weins)

Raised by lesbian parents (Zach Wahls)

Rational Discussions

Religion, what's the harm?

Rocks In Our Heads (near earth objects and ID)


Samgar kills 600 Philistines with a single oxgoad

Samson and the donkey jaw

Samson and the foxes

1 Samuel 18: 25 - 27

Samuel wants a hundred foreskins

Satan, evolution of

Science and Religion: Column: Science and Religion Aren’t Friends

Science and Religion: Personal Stories

Science Is A Vaccine (YouTube; Fost)

Science of Why We Don't Believe, The (2011)

Science: Perceptions, Feelings and Reality

Science Under Attack?

Science vs. Religion: War?   Link (Coyne, yes)

Science: What is it?

Scientific consensus - LINK

Scripture: Earth stops spinning?

Scripture: Why did Einstein and Milne say that?

Schaeffer, Frank: his story

Sex and Catholism (and evanelicals) Link

Signature in the Pseudogenes (Biologos)

Skeptical Review, The

Standup4Real Science (DNA Evidence)

SNPs and Indels - common ancestry

Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side'

Soul, A?

Southerton, Simon: his story

Summary Comments


Talking Rationally

Terms: Evolution, NS, fitness, hypothesis, theory, deism, theism

Terms: Method. & Metaphys. naturalism, agnostic, fact, proof

Texas School Board of Education


The Bible’s Buried Secrets (NOVA)

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution (Dawkins)

The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect (YouTube)

The Values We All Stand For

Thinking Atheist Series

This is NOT Evolution (Cartoon)

The New 3 "Rs"

Theistic Evolution (Evolutionary Creationism)

Tower of Babel

Transitional fossils

Truth, Integrity & Ethics: “Treat Science Right and It Could Help Save The World"


USA State Rankings by Religiousness

Variation - sources for evolution (12 d of evol)

Vestigial Structures: Appendix, Arrector pili, Coccyx, Ear muscles, Lanugo,

     Male breasts, Plantaris muscle

Vestigial Structures: Recurrent laryngeal nerve, Wisdom teeth,

     Whale/snake pelvis, Kiwi, Flightless Beetles, Dandelions

Virgin Birth - Loftus , Loftus 2


Waltke: The Church and Evolution

Weasle Program (random mutations and natural selection) Link

What Darwin Never Knew (NOVA)

What's the Harm? (religion)

What Do I do now?

What If You Were A Creationist (Could you really relinquish your belief?)

Who Wrote The Bible And Why It Matters (Ehrman)

Why Care?

Why Christianity is False

Why Evolution is True (Coyne)

Why Facts Fail (POI Podcast)

Why It's Not a "Safe Bet to Believe in God (Pascal's Wager)

Why These Difficulties In The First Place, Lord?

Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?

World Views In Collision


Zorn, Joshua: his story

Zach Wahls - Raised by lesbian parents, plea



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