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Scriptures are not inspired

Theism not believable

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Vestigial Structures


DNA Evidence - Insertions

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Human Chrom. 2 Fusion


Human Lice & Evolution

Why did they say that?

Old Testament


    Old Testament Narratives

    Biblical Genocide

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    "Firmament" - Flat Earth

Document Changes

Scriptural Contradictions

Who Wrote The Bible?




Veritas Super Omnia 





29+ Evidences for Macroevolution

10 Commandments (FFRF)


Abortion in the Bible

Abortion: what does the bible say?  Link

Abortion: Trolley like challenge. Link Arguments against. Link  Link

A Life Changed by Evidence (Evid3n3)

A Tale of Three Creationists, Part 1 (Dennis Venema re: Todd Wood)

A Tale of Three Creationists, Part 3 (Venema): GULO and Guinea Pigs)

A Universe From Nothing (Lawrence Krause)


About the author

Adam & Eve: DNA evidence against

Altruism and Cooperation, Evolution of      And honey bees, evolution of A.

EO Wilson, altruism

Apologists, Contra  Link

America is not a Christian Nation

Antifreeze proteins, fish and new genes  Link

Apple Employees: It Gets Better

Are Humans Hard-wired for Faith?

Atavisms: Whale/dolphin legs, horse toes, bird teeth

Atavisms: Human tails

Atheism Is Not A World View  Not a world view

Atheist, why identify?  LINK

Atheist - Agnostic Link, Link

Atheist Song, The (Atheists Got No Hymn)

Atheists In Foxholes?

Atheism, defined properly. Youtube

Atheism, defined properly article Link

Atheism, making one

Atheisit atrocities? (Stalin, etc.)  Link


Bald man orders 42 children killed by two bears

Big Bang  Mathematical  

Bible not trustworthy

Book Reviews

Buddhism  Link

But My Vision Or Dream Was So Real


Canaantites not bad.  Link, Link

Celibacy, Catholic  Link

Christmas, Origin

Christian Faith Requires Accepting Evolution (Jonathan Dudley)

Christian Terroism Link  Religious slaughters

Christianity, logical arguments against.  LINK

Christianity, what would convince you (Bastian)  LINK

Christianity, spread by the sword. Link

Christianity and Pagan Persecution   Link

Christianity's Nightmare: Jesus said nothing new. Link

Church in Finland losing members at 1,000 per week

Church Riches and Keeping the Directions of Jesus?

Clergy Who Quit

Consciounsess, what it is?

Conservatism Losers  Link

Contradictions, Scripture

Contradictions: NonStampCollector

Converting Atheists, The Theist Gude to

Creationist Nonsense (Scientific American): Link


Death Anxiety Prompts People to Believe in Intelligent Design, Reject Evolution

Defeat of Flood Geology by Flood Geology (2011)

Deuteronomist and King Josiah (JEDP, Loftus, Debunking Christianity)

Donkey talks

Denial - various groups Link

Deuteronomy 2: 30 - 35 (Genocide)

Deuteronomy 3: 3 - 7 (Genocide)

Dating methods, trusty?

Divorce rates higher in evangelical areas LINK  Divoce/Religious study Link

Document Changes: Ecclesiastes, Mark 16, John 7, Hebrews

Document Changes: John Mill, Luke 23, Judges 18, 2 Chronicles 36


Earth suddenly stops rotating

Ediacara (Pre-Cambrian) diversity Link

Ehrman: Who Wrote the Bible and Why It Matters

ERVs (Endogenous Retroviruses)  Link video  Link

ERVs - Finlay and Biologos Link

ERVs - nested  Link

Eukarote evolution    Link

Everett, Daniel: his story

Evolution: eye  Link

Evolution: Fact & Theory

Evolution: Flaws Link

Evolution For Everyone: (Sloan)  For the public?

Evolution: Hominin update (2019)  Link

Evolution: Neutral Null Link

Evolution: not God reconcilable Link

Evolution Threatens Christianity (Paula Kirby)

Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters (Prothero)

Evolution: misconceptions

Evolution - why it matters (McGowan)  Link

Evolution - new genes and informaton Link

Evolutionary Creationism (Theistic Evolution)

Exodus - never happened. Link  Carter. Exodus - No. Link  Never slaves Link

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Stein)


Famous American Quotes

Faith Healing

Fish antifreeze; evolution of   Link

Flagellum, evolution  Link

Fine Tuning (Carroll)  Fine Tunning - chance for Earth/Life Link

Firmament, Flat Earth (Price)   Link (Loftus)  Paul Seely

Flock of Dodos (Olson)

Flood, Noachian: Biblical Genocide

Flood, Noachian

Fox News

Freedom to Believe - Or Not (Nicelodeon)

Free Will: Revising the Fault Line, WEIT and Sapolsky


Genesis 11: 1-9

Genocide, Biblical

Genome, animals. Viral large. Link

Genes, new

Genes, de novo  Link

Gibeah’s Crime

God On Trial (BBC, WGBH)

God Helmet, The

God Hypothesis, The (Stenger)

Guns, second ammendment Link


Harris sees Elvis in a debator

Harris, Christianity, WLC debate

Habakkuk 3:11. Sun and moon stood still

Hawaii - evolution.  Link

Heaven  Link

Holocaust and Christianity  Link

Human Chromosome 2 Fusion

Homosexuality: Kauffman’s letter

Homosexuality: Controversy

How Facts Backfire (Koehane)

Human Lice and Human Evolution

Human evolution - genomics: 2017 summary, Savante Paabo


If All Atheists Left America

Improbability and the human mind; math explains it

Intelligent Design  Discovery Institute fools  Link

Is The Bible Mein Kampf? (Robert Price, PhD)

Is US Religion in Trouble?

Isaiah 38:8

It's A Duck


Jerusalem scholars trace the Bible's evolution

Jesus Has Left The Building (Historicity of Jesus? YouTube; 5 parts)

Jesus, Exist or not? No records outside the bible  Link

Jewish Scholars study Evolution of the Hebrew Bible

Job: Not historical


Joshua: Biblical Genocide

Joshua 10:12 -14. Earth stops spinning

Journey of Man (National Geographic)

Judgement Day: Intelligent Design On Trial (NOVA)

Judges 3:31

Judges 15

Judges 19, 20, 21

Junk DNA - Jonathan Wells & Discussion, Yes, Junk DNA  Link - calculation Interview

2 Kings 2: 23 - 25


Kalam Cosmological Argument fails

Kuhn, Thomas Link


Lee Strobel Link

Line1 not junk

List of Scientists who reject or doubt evolution (An analysis)

Logical Fallacies



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