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Is The Bible Mein Kampf?

Robert M. Price, Ph.D. Systematic Theology,

Ph.D.  New Testament


The Bible is not Mein Kampf.  Nonbelievers should stop vilifying it.


Point of Inquiry, August 20, 2010.  {18 min. before Q&A} Audio





Why Facts Fail

Brendan Nyhan, University of Michigan


Point of Inquiry, December 17, 2010 {30 min.} Audio


See related article, "How Facts Backfire" and references below,

this web site, click here





Science Under Attack?
























Are Humans Hard-wired for faith?




This is controversial, but many researchers say probably not. We are however, wired for pattern recognition and prone to all kinds of errors of logic and perception which can at times produce strong feelings in people that they mistakenly attribute to the supernatural.  Some researchers have even claimed the can stimulate the brain and induce feelings of near death experiences and out of body feelings.  See The God Helmet and related links, this page.


Steven Pinker of Harvard takes a different view, "... religious psychology is a by-product of the mind that evolved for other purposes."  The Evolutionary Psychology of Religion





Why Christianity is False (short podcasts) Link 

Answers to common arguments from Christian apologetics




Why It's Not a "Safe Bet" to Believe in God

(Pascal's Wager)





Science Is A Vaccine; Get Vaccinated