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Selected Movie Reviews


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. (2008). Ben Stein.


Is Intelligent Design a valid counter theory for evolution?

Was Darwin responsible for Hitler and Stalin?

Are scientists who reject Darwinian theory discriminated against?


For a selected review, click here.


Expelled exposed. Click here. 


Expelled information.  Click here.


Commentary on Dr. Gonzalez: here.



~ ~ ~


Flock of Dodos.  (2006). Randy Olson.


An evolutionary scientist takes a hard introspective look at the

evolution - creation/ID controversy and comes up with a

surprising verdict that scientists are often their worst enemies

in presenting evolution to the American public. 


Flock of Dodos website. Click here.



~ ~ ~


God On Trial. (2008).  BBC Scotland through

Masterpiece Theater and WGBH Boston.


A group of Auschwitz prisoners debate the meaning of God's

covenant with the Jewish people as they face their immenent

deaths at the hands of the Nazis.  This play should be viewed

by all, theist and atheist alike. It is powerful and presents all

the major arguments for and against the existence of God in a

setting that showcases these great philosophical questions,

especially the problem of evil,  that is gut wrenching.


Rabbi Akiba's closing comments YouTube.  (10 min)


God On Trial website.  Click here.


God On Trial Review & Boyce comments:  Click here



~ ~ ~


Judgement Day: Intelligent Design On Trial.

(2007).  NOVA.


This two hour reinactment of the Dover trial shows how ID

went down to defeat in 2005 when a conservative Judge

had to decide if ID was science and if this was another case

of a school board violating the separation of church and

state. What is evolution and is ID a scientifically valid



Judgement Day: ID website and video.  Click here. 




~ ~ ~


Journey of Man. (2003). National Geographic and PBS.


This two hour documentary uses cutting edge DNA studies

to trace all of humanity back to Africa, detailing when, how

and what routes our ancestors took to populate the earth.

At the National Genographic site you can also order a kit

and send in your DNA from a mouth swab thatwill trace

your personal ancestry back to Africa. Amazing and true.  

We did not come from a bottleneck population coming off

an ark in the Middle East;  for example, see page about


Adam & Eve, this web site - click here. 

Aboriginal Australians: The First Explorers -  Link



See: Human Migration summary, this site


Journey of Man on YouTube.  Click here.


Genographic Project.  Click here. 


 ~ ~ ~



The Bible's Buried Secrets (2009) NOVA.


An exploration of the Old Testament from a viewpoint of

archeology, textural analysis, and other scientific fields

will give the viewer an excellent overview of how the OT

really originated.  A good intoduction to biblical

archeology, carbon dating, and scriptural textural analysis.


The Bible's Buried Secrets web page. Click here.



~ ~ ~


What Darwin Never Knew. (2009)  NOVA


The first third of this documentary details what evolution

and natural selection are.  Produced as a tribute to Darwin's

200th birth and the 150th anniversary of his "Origins", this

first part gives an excellent historical foundation for

understanding the origins of these two theories.  Most of the

film details the exciting new field of evo-devo, the merging

of embryology and new findings in molecular DNA

genetics.  Scientists now are beginning to understand from a

molecular basis how reptilian ancestors grew limbs from

their fish ancestors and how,  for example,  whales and

dolphins lost their limbs when their ancestors returned to

the sea.  It's astounding how much has been learned during

the last 15 years. The discovery of Tiktaalik is also discussed.

An amazing film.


What Darwin Never Knew - web page. Click here.



Biomed  5/10




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