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Sometimes, being rational and truthful can be hazardous to your health.  Many persons who have left their faith as a result of seeking answers to 'why' questions, and finding religion not to be true,  have paid a significant price in lost friends and family - or worse.              ~ Biomed



























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This web site is built around two major themes.


First, that newer biological evidence, primarily from the sequencing of DNA, has shown macroevolution to be true.  We do indeed share a common ancestry with apes and all life on our planet.  The earth and universe were not made for us.  Further genomic evaluations have demonstrated that there could not have been a traditional Adam & Eve or Flood and I propose the theological concepts of Original Sin and The Fall are thus nullified.  Who would have thought that we carried within us the answer to thousand year old premises? Evolutionary theism does not stand up to critical analysis as the major themes of the scriptures do not coherently merge into an evolutionary perspective. Furthermore, God working through evolution would be an insult to Him as the earth has suffered numerous catastrophies and extinctions from asteroids and meteroites,  natural selection is a brutal and wasteful method of producing new species, and as Sagan has said, "The fossil record implies trial and error, an inability to anticipate the future, features inconsistent with an efficient Great Designer."  When we look closely at life, we see evidence of evolutionary tinkering and a patch work of solutions to life's challenges; the stamp of an engineering Designer is not there (recurrrent laryngeal nerve, for example).


Secondly, when studied closely and deeply, claims that scripture is inspired unravel. There are too many contradictions, evidence of human changes, and in parts the narrative can even be tested and found to be erroneous.  It cannot be the word of God.  More telling however are the attempts by theologians to explain these challenges. Rather than a stout defense, when closely examined many explanations are really an embarassment when viewed critically, or an appeal to ignorance.  Simple or shallow possibilities are offered as if any explanation is acceptable. Rather than fostering respect from skeptics, disrespect and unfortunately often scorn results.  Sagan again was insightful when he wrote, “What counts is not what sounds plausible, not what we would like to believe, not what one or two witnesses claim, but only what is supported by hard evidence rigorously and skeptically examined. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”  Although philosophically deism cannot be tested, theism fails to withstand critical evaluation and the universe we live in operates as if there is no supernatural realm.


~ Biomed.  Happy birthday Carl       11/9/10





The Atheist Song (the entire "hymnal"?)



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Matthew Bonnan, Macomb, Illinois 

(Student Evolution Contestant)




Q:  "What kind of evidences would be strong enough to cause you to reexamine you present position in favor of acceptance of macroevolution?"


A: "Take a herd of cows and through selective breeding produce a horse, and then I

will consider macroevolution a real possibility."

~ David Crabtree, Ph.D. Tutor, Gutenberg College, Jan. 28, 2009.  Personal email.

                                                                                                                                                ~ Biomed







Peanuts Not Evolution