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Why Care?


Why should we care?  What does it matter what people believe?


Consider (billboard near my house)...


















If people kept their religious views to themselves,

then what people believe would not matter.




Antidarwin Billboard2 Baby Face faith healing

If people's mistaken beliefs did not cause present suffering or in the past was not responsible for killing and torturing millions, we could look the other way.


"Oregon faith-healing parents fight to get baby back,

 face criminal charges". 


  (7.22.10). Note picture of baby's vision-threatening hemangioma

and the mother that is withholding medical treatment


Follower's of Christ,  Oregon City


The Battle Over  Faith Healing


Faith Healing Exposed (Derren Brown)





If erroneus beliefs did not affect our schools, we could remain silent.


Under control of religious conservatives - actually, one dentist - the Texas School Board makes changes that will affect the children of Texas and possibly the entire USA:


1. "Texas School Board Set to Vote on Challenge to Evolution"


2. "Texas School Board Passes Controversial Social Studies Curriculum"


Changed the social studies curriculum to stress conservative agendas such as elevating Joe McCarthy and degrading the topics that should not be diminished such as Jefferson's views and the importance of separation of church and state.


3. "Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns."


4. Claiming that the USA is a Christian nation.





If Christian evangelicals would stop abusing the separation of church and state in the US military and other areas of the government, we could cease confronting them as they compromise one of our country's greatest founding principles.




"U.S Soldiers Punished for Not Attending Christian Concert"


Christian fundamentalism bigotry reigns at US Air Force Academy


No Dominion: The Lonely, Dangerous Fight Against

Christian Supremacists Inside the Armed Forces


Why The Military's 'Spiritual Fitness' Test Flunks


Weinstein Interview by Olbermann: the military "Spirituality Test"


It's not just the military: even a Judge had to be ordered to remove his Ten Commandments Poster from his court room:  Columbus, Ohio Link


Texas Legislators violate the Constitution: No Religious Test for Office (Article VI, paragrah 3)


 Jon Stewart


The Threat Of An Evangelized US Military


Religious Discrimination And Proselytizing In The U.S. Military


Congressmen want US Government to Recognize

Ten Commandments Weekend


USAF cites New Testament teaching in it's missle officer training sessions


USAF pulls Christian-Themed Nutlear Ethics Taining Session


Ft. Bragg Reverses Decision and Approves Secular Festival


Constatine's Sword ~ A film about James Carroll and the religious infiltration and scandal within the US Military





If you had loved ones and dear friends who based their life decisions on superstition, mythology  and unfounded fears, could you remain silent?





If you loved your country and its citizens and wanted it to prosper and continue to lead the world in science and technology, would you stand by as people spread untruths

about science and history?




If you knew how those with archaic religious beliefs were hurting or murdering minority groups such as gays/lesbians and women in the name of religion,

 could you turn away or remain silent?


Please watch this 3 min. video, especially the last 2 minutes.


























Why Atheists are so concerned about religion. Laci Green   Link


 ~ Biomed