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Why evidence is not effective in changing most believers' minds

In progress.....


1. Indentity is merged with their worldview


Any threats to it threatens the values and understanding of who they are, their self concept. What will they put in place of their flawed one?


Americans aren't as religious as they pretend to be



2. Thinking styles are different.


Intuition and emotion is often more important or plays a role larger than with those who reject the supernatural


Belief in God Boils Down to a Gut Feeling



3. Facts often produce a back-fire effect


Keohane study: Link to page, this web site.



4. Clean out is often necessary first


Most everything must be challenged: definitions, perceptions, facts, critical thinking, etc. before anything new can be loaded into the believer's mind


Disbelief Is Not A Choice


Why Evangelicals Are Fooled Into Accepting Pseudoscience



5. Motivated Reasoning is often very active



6. Causality versus coincidence.  Link  (You Are Not So Smart - YouTube: 1:45)

HARKing - hypothesizing after results are known.





Gut Feeling Shape The Acceptance or Rejection of Evolution  Link


The Science of Why We Deny Science (YouTube)  Link


Why We Don't Believe Science  Link